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The Vendallion Suite

Vendallion® is a sophisticated B2C and B2B E-Commerce suite fully orchestrated with an omnichannel campaign management and marketing automation solution - all natively integrated with SAP B1, as well as with numerous other ERP systems. It is suitable both for standard e-commerce installations as well as for complex enterprise e-commerce scenarios.

E-Commerce (B2B & B2C)
  • Full customization of UI and graphics.

  • Powerful arsenal of tools to increase sales revenue

  • Omnichannel Retail and B2B commerce features (online/offline Loyalty schemes, Vouchers, Tailor-made pricing policies per customer, Order Management & Tracking etc)

  • Multi-site functionality

  • Easy integration with any payment gateway and courier / logistics service

  • High capacity for high loads of traffic and transactions

Omnichannel Campaign Management & Marketing Automations

Vendallion OCM is a robust marketing platform that allows the marketer to centrally control all her communication across all channels, with personalized messages, at the right moment, using all available enterprise data, via Vendallion's native SAP B1 integration.



  • Support of all digital channels, such as Email, SMS, Push Notifications, Viber®, Call Center, Print, Google® & Facebook®, In-site banners and more.

  • Audience rules and display data based on all available enterprise data.

  • Advanced personalization throughout all channels

  • AI-driven segmentation of customers and products

  • Personalized landing pages and short-URLs

  • Google and Facebook remarketing

  • Cross-channel, "closed-cycle" reporting

  • Campaign templates

More highlights
  • Bullet-proof "Always-On" ERP integration, keeping the systems up and running even if the ERP is down for maintenance or networking issues.

  • Easily adapts to your ERP setup, even with heavy customizations

  • Support for Company Hierarchies (distribution networks, franchise chains, etc)

  • 20 years of medium and large-scale e-commerce installations, with proven results

  • Available on the cloud

  • Flexible licensing models

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